Air Pressure Alarm Prevents Production Loss


Recently, a user of the Presair Air Pressure Alarm shared their review of the product. See what they had to say below!

“We are a cosmetic manufacturing company that utilizes compressed air in our production plant. We strictly rely on compressed air running to our production plant at 95-100 psi any deviation below a certain psi will cause production issues.

Your product allows us to be proactive and respond to upcoming pressure issue and adjust accordingly before issues arise.

We just installed unit yesterday and is working flawlessly. Installation and adjusting set pressure was a breeze it couldn’t have been any easier.” –

Air Pressure MonitorCommon Solution Diagram for Pressure Monitor

Pressure monitors are perfect notification solution. Whether you need to be alerted when pressure in a system rises or falls, these light and audio alarms will get the attention of qualified personnel to fix issues before the damage is done.

Start Reducing Production Loss Today!

The Presair pressure monitor will save you money from the day of installation. For more information, or to buy now, visit the product page below!

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