Compressed Air Monitoring Reduces Downtime and Saves Money!


Time is money. The old adage has always proven true and is especially relevant when your compressed air system is down. It takes time to realize and then fix the problem…which means production plummets. Over time, it adds up. Every second wasted because air pressure was lost is a second you won’t get back. This is where Presair’s Pressure Monitor offers the perfect, cost-effective solution.

This problem isn’t new. Other companies have come up with solutions for monitoring air pressure, including some that have a 24/7 live person monitoring your air pressure lines. This is extremely expensive and often times overkill. Presair offers an effortless and affordable solution. A single air switch that’s connected to stack light. Simply plug it into a quick connect port in the airline, set it to the desired pressure to be notified, and place the stack light in a visible location. Reference the stack light to check air pressure anytime – Easy, external, and effective.

Perhaps pressure is lost over night or when employees are not around to see the stack light. In this case, Presair offers a monitoring device to text or email anyone when pressure is lost. Again, this is an external solution that just needs a quick connect port and a power outlet nearby.

Product Description

This simple external solution features a light (optional audible alarm) that’s designed to grab the attention of qualified personnel anytime pressure is rising too high or falling too low in a system. Prevent and fix issues before they cause significant downtime!

Presair’s Pressure Alarm saves money. For less than $100, you can be notified immediately when air pressure is lost. This product quickly pays for itself in minimizing downtime and positively impacting the bottom line.

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