Garbage Disposal Air Button vs. Wall Switch

As the safest and most stylish option, Presair’s Garbage Disposal Air Button system is the right choice to make over your standard wall switch.

Presair Garbage Disposal System describedGarbage Disposal Air Switches

The key feature of The Presair Garbage Disposal Air Button is that it eliminates the risk of getting an electric shock.The air button can be mounted near the sink or on the wall. When you push the button, you force air through a long tube. The air trips the switch on the disposal at the end of the tube. Your air switch is completely isolated from the electric disposal, removing any risk of shock to the user.


  • Has an air switch for safe activation
  • Freedom mount with attached power cord allows flexibility in mounting your air switch
  • Includes a spring loaded brass center post, made to be used with continuous feed waste disposers
  • UL approved
  • No tools are required for installation
  • A variety of finishes to match any home decor
  • Allows easy access to the button. No water mess!

Presair’s garbage disposal air switch is available both momentary (press on, release off) or latching action (press on, press off).


The Garbage Disposal Air Button system is user friendly and easy to install by following the below installation and operation instructions:

1. Mount air button To mount on counter top: Drill 1 ¼” hole in counter top. Use rubber gasket above counter and tighten with plastic nut from below counter.

    – OR –

To mount air button on sink top: Use hole for sprayer or soap dispenser. Use rubber gasket above sink and tighten with plastic nut from below sink.

2. Attach one end of air tube to bottom of button and the other end to the white nib on the black converter box. Note: Air tube can be cut to length as necessary.

3. Plug SafeAire converter box into wall outlet. (Outlet should be three-prong grounded outlet.)

4. Plug sink disposal cord into SafeAire converter box.


To start disposal, press and release air button.

To stop disposal, press and release air button a second time.

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