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As the holiday season draws near, consider revolutionizing your festive lighting display with Presair’s state-of-the-art holiday light foot control. Bid farewell to conventional switches and usher in a hands-free solution that not only enhances convenience but also adds a touch of sophistication to your celebrations. To purchase, click here.

The PBA-01 converter box, paired seamlessly with an air foot switch, makes wiring a breeze and ensures safety. The process is straightforward: connect the foot pedal’s air tubing to the plug-in box, which is linked to a robust 21 Amp SPDT air switch housed within. Plug the converter box into an outlet, and effortlessly connect your lights to the converter box. Now, your lighting setup is poised for intuitive on-and-off control, all with a simple press of the foot. What’s more, the converter box can be discreetly tucked away, blending seamlessly, perhaps under your Christmas tree’s skirt.

The strategically placed foot switch remains easily accessible yet discreetly concealed beneath the tree skirt, ensuring a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing setup. Presair’s innovative air switching technology not only facilitates the extended lifespan of your Christmas lights by eliminating the need for timers but also brings an element of modernity to your holiday decor.

Foot Pedal Air Switch

And for those planning to extend the magic outdoors, rest assured that the PBA-01 converter box with a foot switch has you covered. Follow the same hassle-free steps, and your outdoor lights are ready to dazzle. Thanks to the weatherproof nature of Presair’s switches, they prove to be the perfect solution for conquering outdoor challenges, whether it’s controlling holiday inflatables or managing various outdoor lighting elements.

Witness our dedication to perfection through our Air Switching Technology, distinguished by its alternate snap-action design. This design not only fosters a hands-free environment but also guarantees complete isolation from electric equipment, whether used indoors or outdoors.

Presair’s Air Switching Technology

  • Alternate snap-action design
  • Creates a hands-free environment
  • Completely isolated from electric equipment, indoors and outdoors

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