PBA-K-10 Soft Foot Pedal – Soft Foot Pedal Safety Air Switch

F800 Soft Foot Pedal
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Type: Plug-in Box w/ Air Switch, Soft Foot Pedal

•  Plug-in Air Switch

•  21 Amp

•  Alternate Action

•  10 feet Tubing

•  Black

Price: $49.95


Additional Description: PBA-K-10 works as a control safety switch that operates as an on/off switch. Safe in hazardous environments.

The electric to pneumatic/electric converter box converts electrical equipment or an appliance to a device controlled by a shockproof, waterproof, explosion proof air button or air foot pedal by plugging the equipment into a receptacle box which contains an alternate action or momentary air switch, which in turn plugs into a standard electrical receptacle. If power were to cut out, the switch would move the off position and remain normally open until a pulse of air actuates the switch again.

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