PCB Mount Air, Pressure and Vacuum Switches

PCB Mount Air, Pressure and Vacuum Switches

These miniature single pole and double pole printed circuit board mount switches can be used as an air switch when pair with one of our air actuators.

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2 thoughts on “PCB Mount Air, Pressure and Vacuum Switches

  1. Rubina

    I have an requirement of Printed circuit board pressure switch with below specifications:
    – Printed Circuit Mountable Pressure Switch
    – Pressure Rating – 5 to 125 PSI
    – Mounting – PCB
    – Fitting – barb
    – Switch: SPDT snap action
    – Voltage:125/250 VAC,60 VDC
    – Current:5 Amps resistive,3 Amps inductive(250 VAC)

    Please let me know if you have anything related to this in your product range.

    1. Sara Ninneman Post author

      Thank you for contacting Presair for your control requirements. Our Printed Circuit Board Mountable Pressure Switches have a range of 6 inches of water to 65 Psi. With your given requirements, at what point do you need the switch to actuate? Here’s a link to our product sheet. Look this over and let me know if we have a model that will fit your application.

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