Pneumatic Controls Commonly Found in Medical Devices

Low Profile Pneumatic ControlPresair’s foot switches and hand controls are commonly used in medical equipment. The controls are pneumatic, therefore, this provides a safe switching environment. The pneumatic controls provide medical equipment OEMs low cost and high quality option they need to enhance the product.


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Some common medical applications are laser hair removal systems, MRI machines, and lift controls.

Many of our pneumatic controls are available as a stock option. Our foot switches and palm switches are made of heavy duty material and can be a low profile option. Presair controls can also be customized such as different tubing, colors/finishes or connectors with a fast turnaround time.

Foot Pedal Air Actuators Description

Presair’s foot pedal air actuators are pneumatic foot switches. The pneumatic foot pedals create shockproof, explosion proof and waterproof system as there is no voltage at the point of actuation. When the foot pedal is pressed it sends a pulse of air through a tube to our air switch which then operates a piece of equipment.

Presair’s foot pedals are used in a range of applications including medical, industrial machinery and for the home. Learn more about how others are using our pneumatic foot switches.

Standard length of tubing supplied with Presair’s foot pedals is 10 feet, with other lengths available.

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