Pressure Cutoff Switch for Seat Compressors

Miniature Pressure Switch Shuts Down Air Compressor

Presair’s Tinytrol Miniature Pressure Switch is found in Road Zeppelin Seat Pressure Switchmany motorcycle seats, such as the Road Zeppelin Air Adjustable Seat. The Road Zeppelin seat is built to provide comfort to the rider removing pressure points by adjusting the amount of air contained in small bladders of the seat. Or in other words, prevents the “numb butt syndrome.” The switch has easy to access rocker switches on the side. These switches operate the compressor, and add or bleed off air with the quick push of a button.

Miniature Cutoff Pressure Switch

Wired to the compressor is Presair’s miniature pressure switch. The pressure switch is factory set at 12 psi rising. As the bladder fills with air, our pressure switch senses the amount of air pressure within the bladder. Once it reaches 12 psi, the switch shuts off the air compressor while you still maintain a comfortable ride.

For troubleshooting and more information about the Road Zeppelin Seat Pressure Switch, visit the Harley Davidson forums. For OEM pricing or custom application support, please contact us.

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