Home Safety Switches

Presair now brings air switching and control technology to the home with SafeAire products.

You’ll rest easy knowing that your family is safe from electric shock electrical when using electric equipment in wet environments.


Garbage Disposal Air Switch with Chrome Push Air Button Safety Switch

Garbage Disposal Air Switch

Sink Waste Disposal Switch

Don’t risk an electric shock when you operate your in-sink electric garbage disposer!

Homeowners and plumbing contractors can mount the air button near the sink or on the wall. When you push the button, you force air through a long tube. The air trips the switch on the disposal at the end of the tube. Your air switch is completely isolated from the electric disposal, removing any risk of shock to the user.

Presair’s garbage disposal air switch is available both momentary (press on, release off) or latching action (press on, press off).

The garbage disposal air switch is available in chrome, white or brushed nickel finish complementing any décor.

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Foot Pedal Safety Switch

Do you worry about switching on your power tools or outdoor electrical equipment when water may be present? Now there’s a solution!

Presair’s air actuated foot switch completely isolates the switch from the equipment you need to operate, just by plugging it in.

When you operate the foot pedal, you force air through a long tube connected to your electric equipment. The air trips the switch on your equipment. Your foot switch is completely isolated from your electric equipment, removing any risk of shock when you turn on the switch.

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Foot Pedal Safety Air Switch

Available in alternating or momentary action.

  • Momentary action keeps the equipment on only while you have the actuator depressed.
  • Alternating action first turns on the equipment and then when pressed again turns it off.



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