Pressure Alarm Kits

Pressure Alarm and Monitor 

Welcome to the perfect notification product for monitoring pressure! This simple external solution features a light (optional audible alarm) that’s designed to grab the attention of qualified personnel anytime pressure is rising too high or falling too low in a system. Prevent and fix issues before they cause significant downtime! View all pressure monitor and alarm models in our store!

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Ideally used to easily sense if pressure is present or not. These switches are factory preset between 1-65 PSI and come with protective switch housings. If the pressure in your system drops below or above your specified pressure, the light and alarm will notify. Contact us for more information.

Pressure alarm monitor



Built with a field adjustable pressure switch, this model can be set directly by the user. The pressure switch has a large range of 1-125 PSI and is encased in a protective switch boot. It can monitor pressure rises or falls at a specific point.

pressure alarm monitor


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