Presairs Adjustable Vacuum Switch VS. V4000 & HPS-600-V

Why Presairs Adjustable Vacuum Switch?

A clear view of Presairs Adjustable Vacuum Switch up against top competitors V4000 – Field Adjustable & HPS-600-V – Adjustable Actuation. As a simple tool, we have created a competitor chart that can be found and the bottom of this post. The chart highlights the differences between each series.

Presair Adjustable Vacuum Switches cost is comparable or lower than conventional controls to meet the needs of the original equipment manufacturer.

All switches are 100% tested with a 100,000+ cycle life.

Presair vacuum switches deliver complete electrical isolation with zero voltage at the point of actuation.

Our field adjustable vacuum switches allow our customers the flexibility of easily setting the switch parameters in the field as driven by the needs of the project. Adjustable vacuum switches span the range on increasing vacuum of 2.5 inches of water gauge to 300 inches of water gauge. Vacuum switches can be adjusted by rotating the hex screw located at the center of the vacuum switch. Available in a variety of air connections, mountings and electrical ratings..


Presair Adjustable Vacuum Switches are designed and manufactured to exacting standards to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers and instrument makers for a low cost, stable switch, and good repeat accuracy.

Presair’s Adjustable Vacuum Switches span the range on increasing vacuum of 2.5 inches of water gauge to 300 inches of water gauge Contact us for more information.

  UL and CUL Recognized



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Presair Adjustable Vacuum Switch Comparison

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