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How long does it take to realize your HVAC isn’t working? Often times, it’s when personnel realizes it’s getting too hot or cold, which may be hours after the system actually stopped working. However, this air flow monitoring system uses a stack light to let qualified personnel know immediately if air is flowing or not.

According to the article Heating and Cooling Troubleshooting, the first and most logical step to recognizing your HVAC system is having issues is to check if the system is running. This is often times easier said then done. The HVAC can be located in out of reach places making it difficult to truly tell if air is flowing or not. But by placing a stack light in a visible area and pairing it with an air sensing switch, you can know immediately whether air is moving or not.

There are many reasons an HVAC system stops blowing air. The article Furnace Not Blowing Air? lays out many troubleshooting steps, some that can be done by anyone and some that require an HVAC technician. But it’s always best to catch issues sooner rather than later. Switching out a dirty filter is much more cost effective than running the system all day with minimal temperature impact. So why not use a simple, external HVAC Stack Light to ensure you are always in the know?

Monitor Air Flow with Stack LightThe air flow monitoring system is rather straight forward. It’s a green/red stack light (also known as a signal tower) paired with a pressure switch. The switch is then placed inside the duct and senses if air is flowing or not. When air is flowing, the stack light will be lit green. When air is not flowing, the light will remain red. (See diagram below)

This simple, affordable solution can make your life easier. No complicated setup or expensive technicians need be involved. The stack light can even have magnets added to the base so it can be placed anywhere for clear visibility. The end result gives peace of mind and simple notification for your HVAC system.


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