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Recently, we came across a consumer that has been using Presair’s air switch and air bellow in their float tank equipment. The customer wanted to come up with a way to turn lighting on and off in their float room, to give the user the best experience. Ideally the floater would need to be able to operate the lights after submerging in the water: water + electricity = catastrophe! Using Presair’s pneumatic switching system, floaters can press an air bellow to trigger the air switch creating a safe environment and reducing the risk of electric shock.

The pneumatic switching system includes an air switch, which is wired to the control panel of the equipment. A piece of air tubing connects the air switch to an air bellow actuator. When the actuator is pressed, a pulse of air is sent to the air switch which pushes against a diaphragm causing the micro switch to open/close, that powers the equipment.


Presair air switches are a safer solution compared to conventional controls. The Presair system uses an air bellow actuator joined by tubing to an air switch contained within the equipment to be switched. Pushing the actuator creates enough pressure to operate the air switch which safely controls the equipment. There is complete electrical isolation with no voltage – low or high – to worry about at the point of actuation, making it safe to use in explosive environments! Pneumatic switching system

• Air-activated
• Mounts easily to panel
• Single-outlet design
• Finishes available to match most decors
• UL Approved.

Standard length of tubing supplied with Presair’s foot pedals is 10 feet, with other lengths available.

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