We recently received an application from a customer that is using Presairs’ Air Switch inside of their modular valve control system. The system has the ability to meter water precisely without a central control device. The design is highly efficient and also allows prisons to minimize their water costs as well as their usage. It is mostly commonly found in prison toilets, sinks, and showers to safeguard inmates by creating a safe and secure environment. Having this system in place is key to reducing the amount of ligature points and to protect the inmates from possible self-harm opportunities. In addition, inmates often use toilets to throw trash away, keep drinks cool, wash clothes, dispose of contraband, and to flush bulky items as a way to to flood housing units and disrupt the day-to-day operations. Most inmates actions on a daily bases are monitored rigorously. However, prison cell plumbing to this day remains one of the areas that staff have the least control over within the prison system. With Presairs’ Tinytrol Air Switch paired with our Hard Push Button Actuator, you are able to put control back in the hands of your staff.

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How Does an Air Switch for Toilet Systems Work?

A hard push button actuator is pressed by an inmate, sending a a burst of pressure through the tubing and to the air switch providing a highly efficient and safe flush.

Air Switch

Air Switch for Toilet Systems Description 

Presair Tinytrol Air Switches:

Presair air switches are single function controls that provide safe on/off actuation of electrical devices from remote locations such as motors, lights, pumps, or other applications. Presair air switches are designed to use an air bellow actuator joined by tubing to an air switch contained within the equipment. Pushing the actuator creates enough pressure to operate the air switch which safely controls the equipment. There is complete electrical isolation with no voltage to worry about at the point of actuation. Click below to buy or view more info on our Tinytrol Air Switches

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Presair Hand Air Actuators:

All hard push buttons have a sealed internal air bellow to prevent water from entering the air tube that connects the air button to the air switch. Hard push buttons have a diameter ranging from 0.35 inches to 2.5 inches and thread mount or push fit options available. Hard buttons are available in the following standard colors and finishes: White, Black, and Chrome. Other options available upon request. Please contact us for more information. Click below to buy or view more info on our Hand Air Actuators.

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