Using A Presair Air Switch To Create A Safe Environment

Presair air switch products create a safe switching mechanism where water, fire or other hazardous material may be present, such as a kitchen. Commonly used for garbage disposals, the air switch turns equipment on/off with the push of a button or other air bellow.

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How it Works

The Presair air switch is joined by tubing from the air bellow, when pressed sends a pulse of air to the switch actuating the micro switch to control the equipment. The air bellow can be located anywhere within 100ft of the unit that is being controlled. Because the air bellow is isolated from the electrical current, when operated the user will not experience shock if hazardous material is present, such as water on a kitchen counter top.

Air Switch

The switch can be hard wired to control any equipment such as a garbage disposal, overhead sink light or even outdoor tools! Presair also offers an electric to pneumatic air switch converter box. This converts electrical equipment or an appliance to a device controlled by the shockproof air button by plugging the equipment into a receptacle box which contains an air switch, which in turns plugs into a stand electrical outlet. For more information about our electric to pneumatic converter box view our product page.

Air Switching Options

Presair offers a variety of different air switches to meet many application requirements. Our single (SPDT) and double (DPDT) air switches can be configured to function as momentary or alternate actions. We also take our air switches another step further by pairing them with a switching cam for control multiple pieces of equipment – three or four functions.


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One thought on “Using A Presair Air Switch To Create A Safe Environment

  1. Billy Trump

    Can/should these air switches be used for dishwashers that are generally left powered on at all times and that run through separate cycles?

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