If you own a pool, you know that maintaining the right temperature and ensuring good air circulation are essential for a comfortable swimming experience. One way to achieve this is by using a sequencing air switch, a valuable device that allows you to control both your pool heater and fan efficiently. To view Presairs line of Sequencing Air Switches, click here.

Understanding the Sequencing Air Switch

MSA325A Magictrol Air Switch Solenoid

A sequencing air switch is a sophisticated yet user-friendly device that operates based on air pressure. It’s commonly used in pool and spa systems to manage various components, including pool heaters and fans. This switch relies on pneumatic control, which means it uses air pressure to activate or deactivate specific devices or functions.

The Presair Air Switching Technology is a safe switching mechanism, as it eliminates the possibility of user’s experiencing electrical shock by isolating the user from the electrical current at point of actuation.


How It WorksBlue Cam Sequencing Four Function Air Switch

  • Air Pressure Control: The sequencing air switch operates on the principle of air pressure. It consists of an air tube and a diaphragm. When you press a button or flip a switch on the control panel, it sends a signal to the air switch. The air switch responds by releasing or increasing air pressure within the system.
  • Sequencing Function: In the context of controlling a pool heater and fan, the sequencing air switch can be programmed to activate these components in a specific order. For example, when you turn on the switch, it may first start the fan to ensure proper air circulation before engaging the pool heater.
    Safety Features: Sequencing air switches often include safety features like time delays and pressure release valves. These precautions help prevent sudden and potentially hazardous changes in air pressure.

Why Use a Sequencing Air Switch for Your Pool Heater and Fan?

  • Energy Efficiency: By controlling the activation sequence of your pool heater and fan, you can optimize energy usage.
    Starting the fan before the heater ensures that warm air is evenly distributed, reducing the workload on the heater and saving energy in the process.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Sequencing ensures that your pool area reaches the desired temperature and air quality for swimming comfortably.
    You can set up a sequencing air switch to activate both the fan and heater automatically, taking the guesswork out of maintaining ideal pool conditions.
  • Prolonged Equipment Life: Proper sequencing helps extend the lifespan of your pool heater and fan by reducing wear and tear.Gradual activation and deactivation prevent sudden temperature changes and excessive stress on these devices.
    Safety Assurance:

The inclusion of safety features in sequencing air switches ensures that your pool system operates without risks or hazards.
Time delays and pressure release valves provide an added layer of protection for both your equipment and pool users.

A sequencing air switch is a valuable addition to any pool system, especially when it comes to controlling your pool heater and fan. This device optimizes energy usage, enhances comfort and convenience, prolongs equipment life, and ensures safety. By using a sequencing air switch, you can enjoy a perfectly heated and well-ventilated pool environment with ease and peace of mind.


Our Magictrol Sequencing Air Switches, Tinytrol Air Switches, and Push Buttons are commonly used in the pool & spa industry. Watch the video below for more details!


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