Screen Printing Wash Booth SwitchThe Presair air switching system is found in hazardous environments where equipment needs to be running, while isolating the user from the electrical connection, such as near water. Common applications include garbage disposals, sewer cleaners, or outdoors. Recently, we discovered a new application where our air switching system operates screen printing washout booths at a school district. When the air bellow is pressed it sends a burst of pressure to an air switch, which forces the contacts to close turning on the inspection lights. The lights remain on until the air bellow is pressed again to turn the lighting off (alternate action). The air switches are UL listed for up to 100,000 cycles, making this a safe, long lasting solution.

“I’m sure OSHA would be much happier with them in our wet environment rather than the plain power strip we were using.”

Air Switching System

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Presair’s air switching technology uses a pulse of air to switch electricity on and off, safely isolating the user from the electrical current. Safe, versatile and easy to use, Presair’s electric to pneumatic converter box works with many different appliances, such as TVs, lights, computers, stereos, garbage disposers, drill presses, and scroll saws. The air switch box instantly converts any standard 120 volt grounded outlet to a switchable connection.

Simply attach the air tubing, plug the electric to pneumatic converter box into the outlet, plug your appliance in and Presair’s air switching technology is ready to perform on/off control of your appliance.

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Pneumatic Switches

Presair pneumatic switches are great for safe, economical control of consumer, industrial, medical or other products and appliances in wet, chemical or explosive atmospheres, or just for added safety.

High Quality

Presair switches are 100% testing before leaving our facilities.

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Products are designed & manufactured in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA.

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