Attic Light Foot Switch

Foot Pedal Air Switch Turns Lights On and Off

Presair’s pneumatic-electric converter box (PBA-01) combined with a bellow (F800BA) can be used in virtually endless ways. In this example, it is being used to control attic lighting. Attics are often very dark and cramped, definitely not an ideal setting for installing lighting. However, Presair’s air-switching solution can make it much easier to quickly make a functional lighting setup. It can also be customized and scaled to fit the space perfectly.

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In this example, four fluorescent lights were purchased to help light up the attic space. Using a few extension cords, the lights were strung together and strategically placed along the attic ceiling to provide light to darker areas. A switch is needed to turn them all on and off, so that’s where the Presair converter box comes in. Plug it into any standard power outlet and plug the strung together lighting into the converter box to provide power. From there, an air tube can be run to a bellow in any convenient location. Wherever you want a switch to be, simply connect the air tube from the converter box to there. This example shows a foot pedal mounted on the wall next to the door as you enter. Although this bellow model is considered a foot pedal, it works just as well being pushed by hand to actuate.


The attic can now be completely lit up by a switch as you enter the attic. It only took a few minutes to setup and it eliminates the complicated setup of a standard light switch. It’s also safer, since there is no electricity present at the bellow. All the electricity is present at the outlet instead. This is just another possible application for this product. Will it work for your setup?

View the simple diagram below for an visual illustration.



Hands-free on and off operation up to 15 amps! This foot-operated pedal offers press and release ease as well as an added measure of safety, simple press it once to turn it on, and press again to turn it off. The 10 feet long air tubing provides you the mobility to reach your router tables, scroll saws, bench top sanders, grinders, and more!

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