B143GAR – Soft Air Actuator – Grey

B143GAR Soft Bellow
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Part Number: B143GAR

Type: Soft Air Bellow Actuator

Color: Grey

Length: 1.84″

Special Feature: Recessed Top for replaceable custom decal.

Price: $19.95

Not available for purchase on-line. To place an order please contact us at (715) 831-6353.

Additional Description: B143GAR Soft Air Bellow Actuator. Grey Air Bellow with short stem. Full air switch actuator length 1.84″. Air actuator has a recessed top for custom decal. In Stock. Direct from USA manufacturer. Other options available, contact factory.

All air buttons have a sealed internal air bellow to prevent water from entering the air tube that connects the air button to the air switch.  When pressed, the air actuator sends a pulse of air to the air switch which safely controls the equipment. Different colors and styles are available, consult factory for custom designs.

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