B415BA – Soft Foot Bellow – Black

B415BA Soft Air Actuator
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Soft Foot Bellow

Color: Black

Air Spout: 1/4″ Outer Diameter

Air Tubing: 10 feet


Price: $14.95

Not available for purchase on-line. To place an order please contact us at (715) 831-6353.

Additional Description: Bellow foot pedal turns equipment on and off, creating a hands free operation. Waterproof, Explosion Proof, and Shockproof foot pedal. Pneumatic operation. Made in USA. 10 feet tubing. Other lengths and colors available, contact factory.

Pneumatic/Electric foot pedals contain an internal bellow which, when pressed, sends a pulse of air through a tube to our air switch which may be momentary action, alternate action or sequencing.  The pneumatic foot pedals are shockproof, explosion proof, and waterproof.

Standard length of tubing is 10 feet, with other lengths available.  Custom designs are also available. Consult factory.

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