Low Pressure Sensing Switches
With COVID-19 on the rise worldwide, the medical industry is facing a shortage of ventilators. Each […]
Tennis Ball
Presairs Pneumatic Foot Pedals are used in all sorts of interesting applications. One of our customers uses […]
Garbage Disposal Air Switches
A Garbage Disposal approved by Apartment Contractors. This stylish Garbage Disposal Air Switch with Push Button […]
Pressure Monitor
Pressure Monitors are used in manufacturing plants worldwide. This customer was having issues monitoring the pressure […]
B225CF Push Button Air Acutator, Chrome
——————————————————————— Most Common Pool and Spa Air Switches Presair Air Switches are found in hundreds of […]
Air Switch
We recently received an application from a customer that is using Presairs’ Air Switch inside of their modular […]
——————————————————————— At Presair, we like to keep things cost friendly, effective, and efficient. This is why […]
Over here at Presair, we are dedicated to finding you a solution that will fit your […]
compressed air monitor
By monitoring pressure of a diver’s air compressor, operators are able to know when air pressure […]
adjustable pressure switches monitor
Presair is a leading manufacturer of adjustable pressure switches monitor pressure levels of holding tanks, airlines, and […]
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