Road Zeppelin Seat Pressure Switch
Miniature Pressure Switch Shuts Down Air Compressor Presair’s Tinytrol Miniature Pressure Switch is found in many […]
Tinytrol Pressure Switch
Are you having trouble switching your car’s headlamps between high and low beams? Your car’s dimmer […]
Low Profile Pneumatic Foot Pedal, Pneumatic Foot Switch
Presair’s low profile foot pedals (B350BA model) fits many different applications from medical to custom applications. […]
Foot Switch Controls Microscope
——————————————————————— In this example, we explore its usefulness turning on a lighted microscope. Often times, a […]
Magnifying glass foot pedal power switch
Presair’s Hands-Free Foot Pedal Provides Convenience and Control When Power Switching In this example, we explore […]
Pneumatic Footswitch for Biro Meat Grinder
We have been working with a customer that refurbishes and sells replacement equipment, NBS Parts, for […]
Foot Pedal Air Switch
We recently had a customer that was looking for a foot pedal to pair with their […]
Adjusting Pressure Switch, Adjustable Pressure Switch, Adjustable Vacuum Switch
We had a customer that had an interesting request. They wanted to add water from the […]
Explosion Proof Air Pressure Switching Diagram
A customer required a switching solution for an air operated door. The door opens to a […]
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