Air Actuated Garage Door Opener
An air switch actuated garage door opener is a revolutionary advancement in garage door technology. Instead […]
Imagine igniting your fireplace with a single press of a button. The air switch actuated fireplace […]
Foot Pedal for Pressure Washer
Gone are the days of reaching for buttons and levers to control your pressure washer. With […]
Garbage Disposal Air Switches
A Garbage Disposal approved by Apartment Contractors. This stylish Disposal Air Switch with Push Button Actuator […]
Garbage Disposal Air Switch Push Button
Presair air switch products create a safe switching mechanism where water, fire or other hazardous material […]
Garbage Disposal Air Switch
A sink top air switch activates your disposal by pressing a button, which sends a pulse […]
Foot Pedal Air Switch Operates Outdoor Pump
Wet Environment Air Switches Are A Safe Alternative For safe actuation of electrical devices such as […]
Attic Light Air Switch
Presair’s pneumatic-electric converter box (PBA-01) combined with a bellow (F800BA) can be used in virtually endless […]
Foot Pedal Air Switch Operates Outdoor Pump
Our facility’s landscaping includes a small pond with a water fountain. The fountain is controlled by […]
Christmas Light Foot Switch
Using the PBA-01 converter box paired with an air foot switch, wiring is made easy and […]
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