Air Switching Technology for Pool Heaters
The Presair Air Switching System is found in heaters for pools, spas, and hot tubs worldwide. […]
Air Switching For Pool Pumps
The Presair Air Switching System is found in pool pumps for spas and hot tubs worldwide. […]
Hands free patio lighting
Hands free patio lighting is hassle free with our Pneumatic Foot Pedal Air Switch, part number […]
Garbage Disposal Air Switches
A Garbage Disposal approved by Apartment Contractors. This stylish Garbage Disposal Air Switch with Push Button […]
Foot Switch Controls Microscope
The Presair air switching system is found in hazardous environments where equipment needs to be running, […]
Push Button Air Switch
Presair air switch products create a safe switching mechanism where water, fire or other hazardous material […]
White Air Button Sink Top Switch for Garbage Disposal
——————————————————————— Presair offers a wide variety of garbage disposal button finishes to match any kitchen decor. […]
Garbage Disposal Air Switch
Why a Sink Top Air Switch rather than Electrical Wall Switch? A garbage disposal air switch […]
Garbage Disposal Air Switch Installation
How To Install an Air Switch for Garbage Disposal Safely and conveniently control your garbage disposal […]
Foot Pedal Air Actuator Pneumatic Air Switch
Pneumatic Foot Switch Operates Sewer Cleaning Machines Presair’s pneumatic foot pedals are a great solution for […]
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