Vacuum Monitor For CNC Vacuum Table
Presairs’ vacuum monitor is a great solution for CNC machines that utilize a vacuum table. The […]
Pressure Monitoring Solution
Be Alerted when Vacuum Rises or Falls in your System with Presairs’ Vacuum Pump Control Switch. […]
Pressure Monitor
Pressure Monitors are used in manufacturing plants worldwide. This customer was having issues monitoring the pressure […]
Air Switch
We recently received an application from a customer that is using Presairs’ Air Switch inside of their modular […]
Pressure monitor gif shows pressure rising to alert level
By monitoring pressure of a CNC router, operators are able to know when air pressure falls in […]
Hard Foot Pedals
Industrial Foot Switch Operates Robot. Over at Presair we discovered a new application for our foot […]
Monitor Air Flow with HVAC Stack Light
How long does it take to realize your HVAC isn’t working? Often times, it’s when personnel […]
Foot Pedal Air Actuator Pneumatic Air Switch
Pneumatic Foot Switch Operates Sewer Cleaning Machines Presair’s pneumatic foot pedals are a great solution for […]
Foot Switch Controls Microscope
——————————————————————— In this example, we explore its usefulness turning on a lighted microscope. Often times, a […]
Magnifying glass foot pedal power switch
Presair’s Hands-Free Foot Pedal Provides Convenience and Control When Power Switching In this example, we explore […]
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