Foot Pedal Actuator in Cauterization
In the world of medical procedures, precision, control, and efficiency are paramount. Cauterization, a technique used […]
Hospital Macerator Differential Switch
A hospital macerator is a vital human waste disposal machine primarily found in sluice rooms, also […]
Smoke plume pneumatic controls Presair
Surgical smoke is produced when the tissue is destroyed by heat through the use of lasers […]
Laser epilation foot petal Presair
Why do you need a foot pedal for your laser epilation equipment? Long term laser hair […]
Oxygen Levels Veterinarian Presair
Safely and effectively monitoring oxygen levels at a vet clinic is crucial when it comes to […]
Ventilator Diagram Presair
With COVID-19 on the rise worldwide, the medical industry is facing a shortage of ventilators. Each […]
Float Tank Switch Presair
Recently, we came across a consumer that has been using Presair’s air switch and air bellow […]
Explosion Proof Air Pressure Switching Diagram
A customer required a switching solution for an air operated door. The door opens to a […]
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