With the craft beverage industry continuing to boom, more and more people are stepping their foot into the business. counter pressure canning line Canning lines within the craft beverage industry use a specific type of technology called counter pressure, or isobaric filling as some may say. Counter pressure technology for a long time was only available to crafters producing product on a large scale. However, in recent years and due to the uptake of small locally owned breweries, manufacturing companies have been able to scale down this technology and offer it to crafters of all production sizes.

Because counter pressure canning gives the operator full control over the the atmosphere within the can, this is the preferred method industry wide. You may be wondering, what is counter pressure specifically and how is it used in a canning line? This technology involves a series of a several different valves and pressurization that allow for maximum output without the risk of oxygen absorption.

Benefits to Counter Pressure 

  • Little to no foam due to the equalized pressure within the tank.
  • Maintained carbonation levels and no loss of CO2 to ensure the drink tastes the way it is suppose to.
  • Prevention of oxygen absorption.

Having a reliable and effective CO2 canning line is a major component to running an efficient Pressure Monitoring Solution business. In order to effectively run, being alerted of a possible drop in CO2 instantly can make a big difference to your bottom line. With Presairs’ Adjustable Pressure Monitor, you’ll never have a line down again.

This simple external solution features a light (optional audible alarm) that’s designed to grab the attention of qualified personnel anytime pressure is rising too high or falling too low in a system. View our installation guide for more information.

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