Diaphragm Pressure Switch Monitors Water Levels on Sump Pump

Diaphragm Pressure Switches are often paired with sump pumps to monitor water levels and play a pivotal role in keeping buildings dry. Diaphragm Pressure Switch Used in Sump PumpTo avoid flooding, it’s crucial that a sump pump turns on at the correct time in order to flush water out. This action must be triggered by a switch. Presair fills this need using our compact, diaphragm pressure switches.

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Presair diaphragm pressure switches can be used to monitor rising water levels and prompt a sump pump to action. These switches sense pressure against the diaphragm to accurately read how much water is present in a system. As the water level rises in a sump basin, the air pressure pushing against the diaphragm builds within the switch. Therefore, the switch is preset to actuate at a specific water level. When the specified water level is reached, it will generate a precise pressure in the basin. The diaphragm is calibrated to complete a circuit at that exact moment and initiate the pump.


Presair diaphragm pressure switches are small and accurate. This makes them the perfect fit for a congested sump basin. Other switching options can be cumbersome and difficult to maneuver. But Presair’s durable, precise, diaphragm pressure switches help keep basements dry and people happy.

Well Pump Diaphragm Pressure Switch Diagram

Diaphragm switch DESCRIPTION

Pressure switches are designed and manufactured to exacting standards to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers and instrument makers for low cost, stable switches and good repeat accuracy.

Pressure switches can be both adjustable and factory set. Adjustable pressure switches have an adjustable pressure range of 1.5 inches of water to 125 Psi. Tinytrol Factory Set Pressure Switch models can be factory set from 0.25 Psi to 65 Psi.

Presair manufactures pressure switches with accuracy in mind. Our standard pressure switches have a dead band of ±10%, and custom options can be built for a tighter or wider dead band.

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