Explosion Proof Air Pressure SwitchA customer required a switching solution for an air operated door. The door opens to a room with high explosion risk. Electricity could not be present at the switch to open the door due to the room’s environment. Using the Presair air switching solution, the customer was able to locate an air actuator outside of the high explosion risk room, and wire an alternate latching air switch to open/close the door. When the user presses the air actuator, there is no electricity at the point of entry, a pulse of air travels through the air tubing triggering the air switch contacts. After the user leaves the room, they press the air actuator again, another pulse of air travels through the air tubing triggering the air switch contacts closing the door.

See how Presair’s air pressure switches were able to provide an effective and safe solution in the below video.



Presair air switches deliver complete electrical isolation with zero voltage at the point of actuation. The air switching system connects the air switch to an air bellow using air tubing. When the air bellow is pressed, it sends a pulse of air through the tubing actuating the air switch.

Presair air switches cost is comparable or lower than conventional controls to meet the needs of the original equipment manufacturer.

  • ALTERNATE LATCHING Designed to sense a pulse of air for ON and again for OFF. If the user were to press the foot pedal and walk away, the equipment would continue to run until the foot pedal was pressed again.
  • MOMENTARY ACTION Ideally used to to turn on equipment as long as air is being sensed. The user steps down on the foot pedal continuously to actuate the equipment. Once the user removes contact from the foot pedal the equipment shuts down.
  • ALTERNATE LATCHING & RELAY Built as an alternate latching foot switch, the pedal is designed to sense a pulse of air for ON and again for OFF. But, if the equipment was to experience a power failure from an electrical outage, a relay paired with the air switch will prevent the equipment from turning back on when power resumes.

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