Factory Set Pressure Switches Compared


There are plenty of reasons why Presairs’ Factory Set Pressure Switch (Tinytrol) is trusted for countless applications. Our pressure switches offer you more options for your application and at a better price than our top competitors.  Each pressure switch is a safe, economical, and accurate solution for simple electrical on/off control over pressure. Each switch delivers complete electrical isolation with zero voltage at the actuator. This removes the worry of a possible shock to the user or a spark leading to an explosion. All switches are 100% tested with a 100,000+ cycle life and are UL and CUL Recognized.

Why Presair?

We offer a wider preset pressure range than our below two competitors giving you more accuracy. Our variety of diaphragm materials ensure proper function with multiple different applications in a variety of climates. Four different contact configuration choices provide you with a variety of functions in a circuit. Their miniature size and multiple body style connection options allow for simple implementation into any system. Presair continues to stack above our competitors in price, pressure range, material options, and many more! Click the below comparison chart to see how else Presairs’ Factory Set Pressure Switches stack against our top competitors.

Product Description

Tinytrol pressure switches provide versatile and convenient sensing. Their miniature size and variety of connection styles for simple implementation into any system. These switches allow for simple electrical on/off control over pressure. As pressure rises or falls, one contact opens as the other closes. This provides a perfect solution for monitoring, controlling, and notifying.

Miniature pressure switches are factory set, from .25 PSIG to 65                                              PSIG. Adapter available to enable Tinytrol® retrofit for certain competitors’ models with small diameter mounting thread.

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