Foot Pedal Creates Hands Free Balloon Inflation

We recently had a customer that was looking for a foot pedal to pair with theirFoot Pedal Air Switch balloon inflation machine. They wanted to connect the air foot pedal to their equipment to create a hands free operation. When the user taps the foot pedal, the inflator powers on, filling multiple balloons with air. Releasing your foot stops the inflator and the user can tie off the balloon for their next birthday party.

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120 Volt Air Switch BoxThe foot pedal connects to an air switch located inside the inflation machine. Or you can use our 120 Volt air switch box with a foot pedal and plug the inflation machine in (shown on the left), creating the same operation. This creates a waterproof, shock proof, and explosion proof environment. It’s safe enough for even kids to use! Using the foot pedal, you can fill multiple balloons with air at once because your hands are free to operate. Or you can have multiple people filling up balloons at the same time!



Presair’s air switching technology uses a pulse of air to switch electricity on and off, safely isolating the user from the electrical current. Safe, versatile and easy to use, Presair’s electric to pneumatic converter box works with many different appliances, such as TVs, lights, computers, stereos, garbage disposers, drill presses, and scroll saws. The air switch box instantly converts any standard 120 volt grounded outlet to a switchable connection.

Simply attach the air tubing, plug the electric to pneumatic converter box into the outlet, plug your appliance in and Presair’s air switching technology is ready to perform on/off control of your appliance.

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