Why do you need a foot pedal for your laser epilation equipment? Long term laser hair removal is becoming more popular these days in the field of medical aesthetics due to its nearly painless procedure and long lasting results. This practice requires a highly skilled medical professional and top of the line medical gear.

Laser epilation is the process of removing unwanted hair on the body by using a concentrated light beam. The concentrated beam selectively destroys hair follicles to significantly reduce, or in some cases completely stop future hair growth. This process requires very precise hand movements, which is why adding foot pedal to actuate the laser is preferred.

The B62BA-10FT foot pedal is amongst the most popular foot pedals used in the manufacturing process of laser epilation equipment. This air actuated foot pedal is shockproof, explosion-proof and waterproof. The pneumatic foot pedal contains an internal air bellow. When pressed, it sends a pulse of air through a tube to an air switch which opens and closes the contacts to power the laser. Action may be momentary, alternate or sequencing.

Presair air actuated foot pedals are shockproof, explosion-proof and waterproof.

Presair’s foot pedal air actuators are pneumatic footswitches. These pneumatic pedals create shockproof, explosion proof and waterproof system as there is no voltage at the point of actuation. When the foot pedal is pressed it sends a pulse of air through a tube to our air switch which then operates a piece of equipment.

Presair offers three different styles of foot pedal air actuators – hard, soft & electric.

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