Hands-Free Foot Pedal Switch for Magnifying Glass

Presair’s Hands-Free Foot Pedal Provides Convenience and Control When Power Switching

In this example, we explore it’s usefulness turning on a lighted magnifying glass. Often times, a magnifying glass is used in a workshop setting for closer inspections. This necessary process can quickly become annoying. Despite being in the middle of working on something, you now must scramble with dirty hands to find a small switch along the cord to turn the magnifying glass on. Then you must repeat the process to turn it off. Although it’s a relatively simple task, it slows you down and adds a bottleneck to your workflow.

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Presair’s pneumatic-electric converter box (PBA-01) paired with a foot pedal (F800BA) eases the angst. A pedal can now be placed directly below the magnifying glass or any other convenient place for quick control. Whenever you need to inspect something, just walk over and step on the foot pedal. The magnifying glass is immediately ready to perform. No more setting things down, no more bottlenecks. Additionally, despite the dirty and tough environment, a durable Presair foot pedal stands up to the harshness. See the diagram below!


Magnifying class


Any improvements to your workflow add value. Presair’s foot pedals can improve the speed and convenience as you work. Although this example focused on a magnifying glass, it can be used for anything that requires quick, hands-free switching. This simple yet helpful product can make a difference. See the diagram below for a visual illustration.



Product Description

Presair’s foot pedal air actuators are pneumatic foot switches. The pneumatic foot pedals create shockproof, explosion proof and waterproof system as there is no voltage at the point of actuation. When the foot pedal is pressed it sends a pulse of air through a tube to our air switch which then operates a piece of equipment. Standard length of tubing supplied with Presairs foot pedals is 10 feet, with other lengths available

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