Pressure Alarm Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answer to most of your questions about the Presair pressure alarms.

Can I sense pressure rise and fall within my system?

Our standard pressure alarms currently do not have this capability. Although, it can be achieved by installed two pressure monitors onto the air line, or customizing the switch to be a DPDT function pressure switch. For more information, please send your application details to

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What is the distance of the power cable?

Both cables (power supply and switching supply) are three feet in length.

How loud is the audio alarm?

Although we don’t have a specific measurement, the audio alarm can be heard throughout a factory warehouse to alert nearby personnel.

What is the maximum pressure the switch can handle?

Depending on the switching pressure (0-125 psi), these pressure switches are proof tested from 60-200 psi.

What is the fitting on the pressure switch for installing into my airline?

The pressure switch has a 1/8” M-NPT

How do I install this device?

It’s easy! See instructions here.

How do I adjust the pressure switch?

Also easy! See instructions here.

What are the different notification options available?

Light only. Light and Sound.

What is required to power the device?

110 Volts

This device sounds like what I need. Where do I buy?

Visit the product page on our website by clicking here!


Presair Pressure Alarm Description 

Components that go into Pressure Monitor Solution

The pressure switch is field adjustable using the hex head set screw at the center of the pressure switch (can be set anywhere between the range you select). All switches are 100% tested at high and low settings and at proof pressure tested.

Optional magnets can be added to the base of the stack light. This allows you to place the stack light anywhere a metal surface is present. A few examples of where to place it would be up high on a metal wall or on a metal machine.

Pressure Monitor Kit includes:

  • • Adjustable pressure switch (range: 1-125 PSI)
  • • Differential Pressure ±10 psi
  • • Protective switch boot
  • • Stack light with audio alarm function
  • • Magnets on light base (optional)

The adjustable pressure switch is UL & CUL rated for 100,000 cycles at 5 Amps @ 240VAC.

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