Garbage Disposal Air Switch Push Button

Garbage Disposal Air Switch Push Button

Using an electric to pneumatic electrical box connected with air tubing leading to a push button, we are able to create a waterproof and shockproof environment when operating a sink garbage disposal.  A push button easily mounts to your sink or counter tops – either drill a 1 1/4” hole in your counter top OR use the hole for sprayer or soap dispenser on the sink top. Connecting the air tubing to the air button and the small white air spout on the converter box, a pulse of air can then be passed through the tubing from the air button to the converter box creating an air switching operation. Plug the single outlet converter box to a wall outlet, and plug the sink disposal into the converter box to create the operation.

The air switch converter box is available either momentary (press on, release off) or alternation action (press on, press off). Another option available is the Pneumatic to electric converter box with safety cut out for power failure. If power failure were to occur, a relay inside the converter box with the air switch keeps the equipment off once power is resumed. Contact our direct technical support for more information.

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