Presair’s low profile foot pedals (B350BA model) fits many different applications from medical to custom applications. The foot pedal is low profile, easy to operate and creates a hands free secure operation.

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Low Profile Pneumatic Foot Pedal, Pneumatic Foot Switch

The B350BA foot pedal when paired with our air switches can be used in hazardous wet environments. The foot bellow is made from a flexible PVC and fitted PVC tubing. The tubing is available both 1/4″ O.D., or 5/16″ O.D., with a 1/8″ I.D. dependable to fit to any of our air switch spouts.

A few of our most common applications for this foot pedal include Meat Grinders, Balloon Inflation Equipment and Sporting Equipment.

Meat Grinder

Our rugged B621BA foot switch is used to operate the meat grinder powering it on and off as longMeat Grinder Foot Pedal as the foot pedal is being pressed.  By releasing and pausing quickly, the operator can add seasoning and other ingredients to give it that extra flavor.  The B621BA is ideal for this application due to it’s rugged protective housing, ease of use and creates a hands free operation allowing the operator to perform other tasks.


Balloon Inflation Foot PedalHave a party that you need dozens of balloons for and need them to be filled with air as quickly as possible? Using the F800BA foot bellow, you can fill two balloons with air at the same time, cutting down your production time in half! The operator presses the foot pedal which turns on the inflation equipment, and because your feet are operating the equipment, you have two hands available to blow up balloons!

Sporting Equipment – ball machinesTennis Machine Foot Pedal

Presair’s B350BA foot bellow works as a remote control allowing players to start and stop ball delivery from sporting equipment. The foot pedal is supplied with a great length of tubing allowing the player to press on the foot pedal as they are standing at home plate ready for the pitch. It also can operate tennis ball machines!


Presair’s foot pedal air switch makes operating power tools and other appliances safer by using an air-actuated switch system to isolate the user from the current, even in wet or hazardous environments. The convenience of “hands free operation” allows remote control operation from a distance – even up to 100′ and it’s easy to install. Available both momentary and alternate latching action.

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