Monitor Pressure of CNC Router

By monitoring pressure of a CNC router, operators are able to know when air pressure falls in themonitor cnc pressure system to prevent from tool holders breaking, or as a simple reminder to turn on the air to the machine. Repairing and / or replacing tool holders can be costly, and for a small price manufacturers can reduce this cost – the product pays for itself! See what a recent customer of the air pressure monitor had to say about the product below

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“We are very please with your product it will save us from having to fix our machine, which has happened more than once.”


“I told the manufacturer about your product and suggested them using it, inexpensive device that will keep the machine from breaking tool holders and dropping bits on concrete.”

Monitor Pressure SimplyPressure monitor gif shows pressure rising to alert level

This air pressure alarm is the perfect solution for monitoring pressure and being alerted. A bright light, and/or audio, will notify you the moment pressure falls too far or rises too high. It will grab the attention of qualified personnel. Prevent and fix issues before they cause you significant downtime!

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