Smoke plume pneumatic controls PresairSurgical smoke is produced when the tissue is destroyed by heat through the use of lasers or electrosurgical devices. Surgical smoke evacuators are designed to prevent possible dangers the operating room occupants may be exposed to during surgery by removing smoke, toxins, and odors. Surgical smoke is considered a biochemical hazard and constant exposure to it can cause serious health issues. Because the demand for surgeries within dermatology clinics are increasing each year, there are several different manufacturers who specialize in surgical smoke evacuators. It is crucial that smoke evacuators operate in a safe, reliable, and simple way. A Presair foot pedal and air switch  is the perfect solution to ensuring that the surgeon is able to operate the evacuator hands free.

A foot pedal and air switch can be used in a surgical smoke evacuator to control its operation and help remove surgical smoke and debris from the surgical field during various medical procedures. Here’s how they are typically used:

Hard Foot Pedals

Foot Pedal: The foot pedal is a hands-free control device that allows the surgical team to activate and deactivate the smoke evacuator during surgery. It is usually connected to the evacuator unit via a cable. Here’s how it works:

  • Activation: When the surgeon or surgical assistant needs to remove smoke and other airborne contaminants generated during a surgical procedure (e.g., when using electrosurgical or laser devices), they can press the foot pedal with their foot. This action activates the smoke evacuator, which starts drawing in the surgical smoke through a hose or nozzle.
  • Deactivation: When the surgeon no longer requires smoke evacuation, they release the foot pedal, which turns off the evacuator, stopping the suction of smoke.

The foot pedal allows for precise control over when the evacuator is in operation, ensuring that it is used only when needed to maintain a clear and safe surgical field.

Air Switch: An air switch is another control mechanism used in some surgical smoke evacuators. It operates based on changes in air pressure and is typically mounted on a surgical pencil or instrument. Here’s how it works:TV Tinytrol Air Switch 9/16" Threads

  • Activation: When the surgeon or surgical team activates a surgical instrument that generates smoke, such as an electrosurgical pencil, it can simultaneously activate the air switch. This is often done by pressing a button or trigger on the surgical instrument. When the air switch is activated, it signals the smoke evacuator to start operating and begin suction.
  • Deactivation: When the surgeon releases the button or trigger on the surgical instrument, the air switch is deactivated. This action sends a signal to the smoke evacuator to stop suction.

The air switch is a hands-free option that is integrated into the surgical instruments themselves, making it convenient for the surgical team to control smoke evacuation while they work.

In summary, both the foot pedal and air switch are control mechanisms used in surgical smoke evacuators to ensure the efficient removal of surgical smoke and contaminants. The choice between these control methods may depend on the specific equipment and preferences of the surgical team. These devices help maintain a clear and safe surgical field, improve visibility, and reduce the potential health risks associated with inhaling surgical smoke and debris.

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