Pneumatic Foot Switch Extension Cord Operates in Wet Environments

Foot Pedal Air Switch

Presair’s pneumatic foot switch extension cord is a great solution in wet and other hazardous environments, like pet grooming systems. When pair with our air switch, the foot switch provides on/off power to the bathing system for a safe, non-electrical air activated foot switch. The air switch mounted to the wall within 8 feet of the system. The air tubing that leads to the foot pedal attaches to the air switch, creating a pneumatic switching mechanism.  This also produces a hands free environment!

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grooming foot pedalProvide safe, convenient activation of your appliances using this safety air switch. Choose from 3 finishes and install easily with no tools required.

• Has an air switch for safe activation
• Freedom mount with attached power cord allows flexibility in mounting your air switch
• Includes a spring loaded brass center post, made to be used with continuous feed waste disposers
• UL approved
• No tools are required for installation
• 1-3/8 in. mounting hole

Presair offers a variety of different foot pedal and air switch options to meet your application requirements. Contact us for more information.

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