pneumatic Switching technology for the pool and spa industry 

Presair’s pneumatic switch technology for Pool & Spa applications can be found in hot tubs, spas, and pool’s world wide. The system can be used as a direct replacement option to our competitors. Pneumatic switching technology is used to control various functions in pools, spas, & hot tubs, such as controlling the jet pumps which in turn, operate the water jets.

The technology is a safe switching mechanism, as it eliminates the possibility of users experiencing electrical shock – no voltage at the point of actuation. See a variety of pool & spa applications below.

Pool and Spa Applications

Harnessing Comfort and Efficiency: Using an Air Switch to Control Your Pool Heater

If you own a pool, you know that maintaining the right temperature and ensuring good...
Air Switching Technology Pool Heaters

Pool & Spa Air Switches Control Pumps

Presair designs & manufactures pool & spa air switches that are found worldwide. The system...
Air Switching For Pool Pumps

Troubleshooting Your Spa Air Switch

Determining whether your spa air switch is the reason your jets or pump is not...
Pool or Spa Air Switch

Wet Environment Air Switches

Wet Environment Air Switches Are A Safe Alternative For safe actuation of electrical devices such...
Foot Pedal Air Switch Operates Outdoor Pump

Sensing Fluid Levels Using an Air Pressure Switch

We had a customer that had an interesting request. They wanted to add water from...
Air Pressure Switch, Water Level Sensing Switch, float switch
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