pneumatic switching technology in other settings

Original equipment manufacturers worldwide use pneumatic switching technology designed & manufactured by Presair. Presair’s pneumatic switches & controls are considered the most advanced & reliable in their class. Pneumatic switching technology can be used in a variety of additional settings & applications including operating sporting equipment, monitoring oxygen level in commercial diving equipment, & controlling laboratory equipment.

For more information on additional applications our pneumatic switches may be used for, click one of the articles below!

Other Applications

Why use a Foot Pedal for a Pressure Washer?

Gone are the days of reaching for buttons and levers to control your pressure washer...
Pressure washer with foot pedal

Foot Pedal Controls Lighting

Presair’s foot pedal controls lighting both indoor and outdoors, such as, holiday lights, patio lights...
Hands free patio lighting Presair

Outdoor Foot Pedal Operates Tennis Machine

  Presair’s Pneumatic Foot Pedals are used in all sorts of outdoor applications. One of...
Foot Pneumatic Switch Tennis Machine

Pneumatic Air Switch for Toilet Systems

We recently received an application from a customer that is using Presair’s Pneumatic Air Switch...
Air Switch for Toilets

Pneumatic Vacuum Switches: A Cost Friendly Solution to Confirming Vacuum

Over here at Presair, we are dedicated to finding you a solution that will fit...
Presair Solution to Confirming Vacuum

Compressed Air Monitor for Commercial Diving

By monitoring pressure of a diver’s air compressor, operators are able to know when air...
compressed air monitor
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