pneumatic switching technology in other settings

Original equipment manufacturers worldwide use pneumatic switching technology designed & manufactured by Presair. Presair’s pneumatic switches & controls are considered the most advanced & reliable in their class. Pneumatic switching technology can be used in a variety of additional settings & applications including operating sporting equipment, monitoring oxygen level in commercial diving equipment, & controlling laboratory equipment.

For more information on additional applications our pneumatic switches may be used for, click one of the articles below!

Other Applications

Seat Compressor Pressure Switch

Presair’s Tinytrol Miniature Pressure Switch is found in many motorcycle seats, such as the Road...
Seat compressor pressure switch Presair

Low Profile Foot Pedal Dimmer Switch

Are you having trouble switching your car’s headlamps between high and low beams? Your car’s...
Car High Beams Switch Presair

Foot Pedal Creates Hands Free Balloon Inflation

We recently had a customer that was looking for a foot pedal to pair with...
Balloon inflation with a foot pedal

Diaphragm Pressure Switches Monitor Water Levels on Sump Pump

Diaphragm Pressure Switches are often paired with sump pumps to monitor water levels and play...
adjustable pressure switches monitor
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