Pneumatic Foot Switch

Do you worry about switching on your power tools or outdoor electrical equipment when water may be present? Now there’s a solution! Presair’s air pneumatic foot switch completely isolates the switch from the equipment you need to operate, just by plugging it in. When you operate the foot pedal, you force air through a long tube connected to your electric equipment. The air trips the switch on your equipment. Your foot switch is completely isolated from your electric equipment, removing any risk of shock when you turn on the switch. 

custom options

Wide variety of options available to meet original equipment manufacturers product requirements.

high quality

Highly stable with good repeat accuracy. All switches are 100% tested at high and low settings and at proof pressure.

safe & economical

Remote operation with complete electrical isolation. UL Recognized. Costs less than conventional controls

made in u.s.a.

Presair switches are designed & manufactured in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Hands-free on & off operation up to 15 amps! The 10 feet long air tubing provides you the mobility to reach your router tables, scroll saws, bench top sanders, grinders, & more! Let your feet control the power & free up your hands to focus on work. Plug the air switch converter box into a grounded outlet then plug your equipment into the converter box. The converter box connects to a foot pedal, when pressed actuates the air switch turning on the equipment or appliance. 

The convenience of hands free operation allows remote control operation from a distance – even up to 100′ & it’s easy to install. The pneumatic foot pedals contains an internal air bellow. When pressed, it sends a pulse of air through a tube to an air switch.

Presair also supplies electric foot pedals, which are a low profile option providing high performance at a low cost.

  • Turn equipment on and off while performing tasks that require both hands
  • Variety of foot pedal options to fit your application requirements
  • Waterproof, Shockproof, and Explosion Proof
  • Available both momentary and alternate latching action

Part Number Configurations

Here is a complete list of part number configurations already listed in our catalog. Other custom part number options are available. Please contact us with your requirements for more information.

Common Applications

Pneumatic foot switches are commonly found in medical, industrial and home applications for simple on/off control of appliances and other equipment.

Cross Reference


PBA-01/F800BA, PBM-01/F800BA

6240, 6241

CG01A002-FB, CG01M002-FB 


Alternate Latching or Momentary

Alternate Latching or Momentary

Alternate Latching or Momentary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of a pneumatic foot pedal switch?

Pnematic foot pedal switches are used to signal other pneumatic devices within a system remotely, creating a hands-free working environment.

How do I connect my foot pedal to an air switch?

Take the end of the tubing that is not connected to the pedal and slip it directly over the air spout on your air switch. Press firmly to be sure there are no air leaks.

What size lengths of tubing can do you have for my foot pedal?

We have a variety of sizes, our most common sizes are 5ft, 8ft, and 10ft; however we can custom cut tubing to fit your application needs.

See our different options here.

What is IPX-8 Rated?

IPX8 rating means it was tested against water submersion – the equipment is suitable for continual submersion in water. Our B350BA Series Foot pedal is IPX-8 Rated.

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