PCB Mount Air Switches

These versatile PCB mount air switches are a great choice for many applications due to their small size & variety of connection styles. Although these switches are built to connect to a printed circuit board, they can also be retrofitted for nearly any application by connecting wire leads.

custom options

Wide variety of options available to meet original equipment manufacturers product requirements

high quality

Highly stable with good repeat accuracy. All switches are 100% tested at high & low settings, & at proof pressure.

safe & economical

Remote operation with complete electrical isolation. UL Recognized. Costs less than conventional controls

made in u.s.a.

Presair switches are designed & manufactured in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

These versatile air switches are a great choice for many applications due to their small size & variety of connection styles. Although these switches are built to connect to a printed circuit board, they can also be retrofitted for nearly any application by connecting wire leads.

  • Variety of mounting options
  • Momentary Action Only
  • SPST
  • 1 AMP Resistive @ 250 VAC
  • UL & cUL Recognized
  • All units available with wire leads.
  • Standard maximum distance between air actuators & air switch:
  • Alternate Action: 20 feet
  • Momentary Action: 35 feet
  • Distances of 100 feet available. Model of air actuator and tubing size affect maximum distance.

PCB Mount Air Switches – Part Numbers

Here is a complete list of part number configurations already listed in our catalog. Click on a part number below for more information.

Other custom part number options are available. Please contact us with your requirements for more information.

Mounting Options & Air Connections

Presair switches have a variety of mounting options & air connections available to meet the needs of original equipment manufactures.

Click one of our readily available solutions below, or send a request for a custom option to

1/8″ NPT

9/16″-18UNF Threaded Mount with 1/8″ I.D. Center Air Spout

Low Profile Radial Mount with 1/8″ I.D. Side Air Spout

Radial Mount with 2, 1/8″ I.D., Side Air Spouts

PCB Mount Air Switches – Common Applications

Presair’s air switches are commonly found in pool & spa, medical, industrial & home applications for simple on/off control of appliances & other equipment.

Pool & Spa


Cross Reference

We are certain of our position at the top so we’re comparing our product with other top products in the marketplace today.

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C Series


6761 / 6763 / 6891 / 6893 Series


PS-LA5 Series


PCB Series



PSW Series


Open/Close on Pressure Rise/Fall
6″ of water to 65 PSI Fixed or Adjustable Pressure Range
100 PSI Max. Proof Pressure
Multiple Mounting Styles & Air Connections
Plastic Construction
Variety of Diaphragm Material Options
Single Pole, Single Throw
Double Pole, Single Throw
Rated up to 1 Amp @ 250V AC

+100,000 cycles

UL / cUL Listed
Made in U.S.A.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a printed circuit board (PCB) mount switch?

A PCB switch is a type of electrical switch that connect directly to a circuit board, and upon actuation at a specified range it turns on/off the application system it is connected with. Wire leads are also available for other applications where the PCB switch’s compact design is necessary.

Do you offer a double pole, single throw (DPST) PCB switch?

Yes. Contact our customer service team here for more information.

What air tubing is best for my application?

Presair offers to different air spout options with the air switches (1/8″ O.D. and 3/16″ O.D.) therefore your air tubing must be 1/8″ I.D. or 3/16″ I.D.

Click here for a quick guide!

My application will expose the switch to hazardous chemicals and/or gases. How will the switch perform?

We offer a variety of diaphragm material options to meet different application needs.  Here’s a guide to the different options available.

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