Presair Pneumatic Switches

Presair Pneumatic Switches

Presair remote air controls offer a variety of actuator styles with a selection of colors and finishes. Presair’s compact units can sequence four functions with an air switch in less than a 2 1/4 inch cube.  For safe, economical control of consumer, industrial, medical or other products and appliances in wet, chemical or explosive atmospheres, or just for added safety.  Presair switches are made in the U.S.A. with world wide availability.

Presair pressure, vacuum and air switches are offered in a variety of models.  Our Tinytrol Miniature Switches are single or double pole pressure, vacuum or air switches.  Magictrol Sequencing Air Switch allows you to switch up to four separate pieces of equipment in sequence, alternate action. The Standard Switches are field adjustable and factory set to allow each microswitch to operate at a different setting. The PC Board Mount Switch are miniature single pole and double pole switches used as vacuum or pressure switches where moderate accuracy is sufficient.  Lastly, the Sensitive Differential Switch can be adapted to vacuum and pressure switches, which respond to rapid pulsing and handle low level switching currents.

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