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At Presair, we like to keep things cost friendly, effective, and efficient. This is why our Garbage Disposal Air Switch continues to be the go-to product for consumers everywhere. This switch is a convenient alternative to a wall switch. It is air-activated and easily mounts to the sink or counter top and is great for island installations too! 

Not only can we provide the best color to match your home decor, we also have several other features that outshine our top competitor like being able to customize your tube length! Our favorite difference however is the price. Presairs’ Garbage Disposal Air Switch offers more features at 50% less than Insinkerators price! See the below comparison chart for why you should choose Presair for your home garbage disposal.

Product Description

Single Outlet, Electric to Pneumatic Converter Box

Push Button Air Actuator

Plastic Nut

 *Note air tubing can be cut to desired length.

The air switch is available with either momentary (press on, release off) or alternate action (press on, press off). Another option available is an air switch paired with a relay to act as a safety cut out for power failure. If power failure were to occur, a relay inside the converter box with the air switch keeps the equipment off once power is resumed. Contact our direct technical support for more information.

Our push buttons are available in a variety of different colors and finishes to compliment most kitchen decor: white, chrome, brass and satin nickel. Hard wire and other custom options are available.

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How To Install Garbage Disposal Air Switch Buy Garbage Disposal Air SwitchHow To Install Garbage Disposal Air Switch

One thought on “Presair vs. Insinkerator

  1. Marshall Gleckler

    My air switch (5 years old) will only work if the switch is pushed hard or fast enough. It will work if pushed easy twice. It always turn off on a single push. It is an Insinkerator. would it help to shorten the hose?

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