Pressure Monitoring Solutions

Pressure monitor alert stack light and audible alarm

Welcome to the perfect notification product for monitoring pressure! Designed for monitoring industrial line pressure to notify personnel as soon as loss of line pressure begins to occur or an increase of pressure. These simple pressure monitoring solutions feature a flashing light (optional audible alarm) that’s designed to grab the attention anytime pressure is rising too high or falling too low in a system. Preventing and fixing issues before they cause significant downtime!

Fixed Set Point Pressure Monitor

Ideally used to easily sense if pressure is present between 1-65 PSI and supplied with protective switch housings. This version is factory set and has a smaller foot print than the other options. If the pressure in your system drops below or above your specified pressure, the stack light will
notify using the light only or the light and audio.

Field Adjustable Pressure Monitor

Built with a field adjustable pressure switch, this model can be set directly by the user with a range of 1-125 PSI. It can monitor pressure rise or fall at a the user’s set point using the stack light to notify light only or light and audible alarm.

Notification OptionsPressure Alarm Stack Light, Pressure Alert Stack Light


A bright light will flash notifying you the moment pressure falls or rises too high grabbing the attention of qualified personnel. Prevent and fix issues before they cause downtime by using this simple notification solution!


A bright light and loud alarm will notify you the moment pressure falls or rises too high. It will grab the attention of qualified personnel preventing significant downtime.

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