D1000 Pressure Switch vs. Vacuum Switch


Pressure & Vacuum Switching Contact Mode

Our D1000 Series is a sensitive, low force switch that senses as little as 0.25 inches of water. These sensitive single pole switches can be used as pressure or vacuum switches and differential pressure switches. The switch can respond to rapid pulsing and the gold plate contacts can handle low level switching currents.

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Normally Open ContactsD1000 Pressure and Vacuum Switch

Connect the pressure source to Inlet Port B and set the adjusting screw to the desired set point of pressure. Turning the screw clockwise narrows the gap between contacts and decreases the pressure set point. Turn the pressure adjusting screw counterclockwise has the opposite effect. Note that the media entering through Port B is separated from the electrical contacts by the diaphragm.

Normally Closed Contacts

Connect the pressure source to Port A and monitor continuity across the terminals. Slowly turn the adjustable screw clockwise, narrowing the gap between contacts until the contacts are closed. Apply the set point pressure which will open the contacts. Continue to turn the adjusting screw clockwise until the contacts make and break at the desired point.



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