21 Amp Air Switch

Purchase Presair air switches online now. The Presair 21 amp air switch provides safe actuation of electrical devices from remote locations. The basic component 21 amp air switch is available with either momentary or alternate action switching logic. Their compact design makes them ideal for use in applications where size is a primary consideration.

Presair air switches deliver complete electrical isolation with zero voltage at the point of actuation. The air switching system connects the air switch to an air bellow using air tubing. When the air bellow is pressed, it sends a pulse of air through the tubing actuating the air switch.

Presair air switches cost is comparable or lower than conventional controls to meet the needs of the original equipment manufacturer.

Presair’s air switching system is commonly used in pool and spa application, home appliances, medical applications, industrial applications, and many others!

The air switch provides on/off switching for a large variety of electrical devices including motors, lights, pumps, air blowers, or other associated equipment. View our catalog pages or contact us for more information.

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