Alternate part number (593691385) for the Magictrol four function air switch, MTG311A. Direct from the manufacturer. This item is not available for sale online, but give us a call at 715-831-6353 to speak with our direct customer service!

The 593691385 alternate Magictrol Sequencing Air Switch allows you to switch up to four separate pieces of equipment in sequence, alternate action. Each time an air pulse is applied, a stepping cam is rotated through three or four positions, actuating a combination of two or three micro switches. For long distances, available with solenoid operation.

Ratings: 2 HP @ 240 VAC; 1 HP @ 120 VAC; 21 AMPS to 250 VAC; other ratings up to 25 AMPS snap switches available.

Materials: Acetal body/acetal mechanism; silicon rubber diaphragm; stainless steel spring.

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