Air Foot Pedal Switch

Presair’s air foot pedal switch makes operating power tools and other appliances safer by using an air-actuated switch system to isolate the user from the current, even in wet or hazardous environments. The convenience of “hands free operation” allows remote control operation from a distance – even up to 100′ and it’s easy to install. Available both momentary and alternate latching action.

Presair’s air foot pedal switch completely isolates the switch from the equipment you need to operate, just by plugging it in.

When you operate the foot pedal, you force air through a long tube connected to your electric equipment. The air trips the switch on your equipment. Your foot switch is completely isolated from your electric equipment, removing any risk of shock when you turn on the switch.

Available in alternating or momentary action.

  • Momentary action keeps the equipment on only while you have the actuator depressed.
  • Alternating action first turns on the equipment and then when pressed again turns it off.

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